Restorative Exercise

Restorative Exercise is a movement system designed by world renowned biomechanist Katy Bowman from the organization Nutritious Movement. The primary aim of Restorative Exercise is to teach people how to move their bodies in proper alignment.

By way of analogy, if a car’s tires are out of alignment, many of the vehicle’s systems suffer. The engine will have to work harder to move the car, the tires will wear unevenly and more quickly, the ride will be less smooth, and overall handling and performance will decrease.

Just like a car needs to have its tires aligned properly in order for the vehicle to perform at its best, so it is with us. When our musculoskeletal system is not aligned correctly, various “parts” wear out more quickly from either overuse or underuse. For example, if our knees do not track correctly, then we will be putting excess pressure on one side of the knee. This can then lead to the wearing of the meniscus, cartilage, acl, etc. depending on the type of compensation pattern in the specific individual.

Restorative Exercise focuses on bringing the body back into optimal alignment in order to promote health on every level. While the mechanical parts like joints are easiest to visualize, our alignment can have profound effects on our internal systems as well. If we are constantly in a position that compresses the digestive tract, for instance, then digestive problems can very easily ensue. If, however, we position ourselves in a way to promote optimal space for this system, then it can regain its ability to function at full capacity.

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Bring Awareness to How You Move with Restorative Exercise

The exercises are very gentle, and scaled specifically to you and your body’s needs. By learning the Alignment Points in the exercises, you will also be learning about the alignment points that are ideal to carry with you into everything you do. By bringing awareness to how you move and hold yourself, you will be able to start making subtle yet profound changes immediately.

Discovering optimal alignment is a journey, and it is one that will help connect you more with your body every day.