Functional Range Systems

Functional Range Systems is a comprehensive approach to whole body assessment, soft tissue therapy, and physical training. It is the culmination of years of systematic review of the current scientific literature by a team of highly skilled doctors based in Canada.

The process starts with Functional Range Assessment. In its entirety, a Functional Range Assessment is a head to toe, joint by joint assessment to identify your body’s current abilities, to determine your specific needs, and to develop a plan to address those needs. Depending on the nature of a visit, however, sometimes local assessment is all that is needed to identify and address a specific problem.

Functional Range Release

This is the application of the current science in regards to soft tissue therapy. It differs from many other modalities in that it focuses on targeting specific lines of tissue tension (not just a muscle), and “speaking” to the fascia on a cellular level. The work consists of sustained holds with directional loads, as well as muscle recruitment exercises. As one of the founders, Dr. Andreo Spina, says, ‘Force is the language of cells, and movement and manual inputs are what we say.’ So, by using the mixture of the two we are best able to tell the tissue exactly what we want it to do.

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Functional Range Conditioning

This is similar to the movement work in Functional Range Release, but at a higher intensity with the intention of expanding and strengthening your joints’ ranges of motion. This type of mobility training lays the foundation for everything you do in life, sport, and adventure. Without a properly working shoulder joint, for instance, it makes no sense to strength train. Training with insufficient joint function is simply adding load to dysfunction, which often has disastrous (and highly avoidable) consequences.

Most people wait until they are in pain before seeing any type of manual therapist. However, pain is one of the last indicators of musculoskeletal problems. Under the care of a trained professional, many potential problems can be detected early, and addressed before they become painful limitations to your life or sport.

These three pillars build the comprehensive basis for treating and training a human body the way it was designed to be treated. By seamlessly integrating them together, an individual can climb the ladder of wellness as high as they want, whether they want to perform at the most elite level, or simply play on the floor with their grandkids.