Foundation Training

Foundation Training is a body weight exercise protocol designed by Dr. Eric Goodman. It focuses on undoing the negative postural adaptations that we all have developed as a result of our modern lifestyles.

One of the biggest issues we have as a culture is that we outsource the role of supporting our bodies to our furniture. We are no longer hunting, gathering, or even cultivating agriculture. Think about it. We wake up and sit at the breakfast table. Then we sit in a car on the way to work. Then we sit at a desk, sit at lunch, sit some more for work, drive home to sit at the dinner table, and top off the long day by sitting on the couch to watch tv. The result of these habits, along with many others, is what Dr. Goodman calls “complacent adaptation.”

All of that time sitting is teaching our postural muscles that they no longer have to work to support our bodies. Those muscles then forget how to work, and begin to atrophy. The good news is that we have a myriad of other muscles to take over that allow us to move around, but that is only good news in the short run. When our posture and movement are based on poor adaptations (I.e. compensations), our bodies inevitably have to pay a biological tax that usually feels like pain or disfunction.

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Retrain Your Body with Foundation Training

With Foundation Training, you will learn exercises that retrain your body to move the way it was designed to move. The exercises strengthen the weakened muscles, and teach them exactly what they need to be doing throughout the day. As with all exercises programs, the movements will be tailored specifically to you and your needs. It will take work to make the changes, but you are only given enough work to slightly push your body. Foundation Training can be scaled for everyone from chronic pain clients, to Olympic level athletes in order to help restore proper form and function.

Give Foundation Training a try to discover what it is like to support yourself structurally, and move yourself muscularly.