Since beginning times, humans have placed hands over injuries to offer comfort and pain relief. It’s our natural instinct, using focused intention and our hands to heal. With permission, anyone can practice or receive reiki healing energy, even from a distance. It’s exciting to witness reiki healing become more mainstream as its made its way into hospitals for nurses and doctors as a prerequisite to practice on clients.

The attunement for reiki healers can only be passed down through lineage with proper training and education and can never cause harm to an individual. When ones gives themselves permission to heal on a cellular level, miracles can happen and the body is able to self correct. Known to have profound results all through gentle touch, positive mindset and energy transfer – reiki has endless benefits, the top one being emotional and physical healing from trauma.

Through this non invasive therapy, the body is able to break down energy blocks, patterns and programs by clearing stagnant energy in the body and by keeping those passageways clear. With this restored energy, the body sleeps better, feels more mental clarity, digests better and has overall higher immune function.

Reiki is beneficial for anyone including, babies, children and pets.

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Sound Healing for Chakra Balancing

The chakras are energy centers in your body that play an important role in your health. Most people think they need to be in a yoga class to work with the chakras. Sound healing with tuning forks can be a simple but powerful way to balance the chakras and improve the flow of energy in the body, resulting in less stress, and more energy to make life changes.

Where are the Chakras?

Chakras are the bodies 7 major energy vortex centers that run along the spinal column extending from the base of the spine to the brain. The chakras are the control center for the flow of energy in the body and all energy coming into the body. They link the physical body to the subtle energy fields around the body that represent emotional, mental and spiritual activities. The chakras are connected to the physical body through the spinal column. There are three primary energy channels in the body.

The central energy channel, the Sushumna, runs along the spinal column. Two other channels, the Ida (female energy) and Pingala (male energy) intertwine along the Sushumna. The chakras are created where these two channels cross the Sushumna. Excesses or deficiencies in each chakra will indicate where the body is out of balance. These imbalances can manifest in the form of physical aches and pains or illness or in an emotional imbalances such as anxiety or an addiction. Although many people associate the chakras with sitting on a yoga mat, sound can be an effective way to improve the flow of energy in the body and restore the proper balance to each chakra.

Using Tuning Forks and How it Works

Quantum physics is now confirming that our bodies are not solid matter, but an orchestra of vibrational frequencies. Each cell, organ or body system has its own optimal frequency that corresponds to a health state. Illness and disease indicate that the vibrational frequency is out of balance. The specific frequencies of various sounds can change the frequency of the chakra. At a metaphysical level, aches and pains are an indication at the cellular level that the life force energy of the physical body is blocked.

The power of sound can release trapped energy and make this energy available for restoring health and making life changes. Tuning forks can search out and work on blockages in the subtle energy bodies that surround the physical body and change imbalances before they manifest at the physical level.

How it Works

Since there are many types of tuning forks that use different frequencies. Some are based on the current musical scale while other are based on specific numerical sequences or energies.

One example is the tuning based on the ancient Solfeggio frequencies which are a part of an ancient musical scale that was originally part of the Gregorian Chant. These powerful frequencies were replaced with modifications in the musical scale based. These frequencies have been rediscovered and are now being used to reduce stress, increase energy flow and facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Each of the Six Frequencies Correspond to One of the Chakras

  • 1st Chakra uses 396 Hz for Liberating Guilt and Fear

  • 2nd Chakra uses 417 Hz for Facilitating Change

  • 3rd Chakra uses 528 Hz for Transformation and Miracles

  • 4th Chakra uses 639 Hz for Connecting to Others

  • 5th Chakra uses 741 Hz for Expressions and Solutions

  • 6th Chakra uses 852 Hz for Awakening Intuition

  • 7th chakra connects to the Universe and the previous six frequencies

What to Expect

A PURE practitioner works by having the client first lie down on a massage table. The client hears the tone of the first tuning fork. The fork is held over each chakra to achieve balance. After the root chakra, the client hears a combination of the UT fork and the next chakra. The interval between the two forks is important. The PURE practitioner creates an energy bridge from the root chakra to each succeeding chakra. The two forks are used to trace the intertwining energy channels up the base of the spine to the crown.

Chakra balancing is an important role of the energy within the body and maintaining the proper balance necessary for optimum health. Sound therapy can restore balance to the chakras and facilitate the movement of energy throughout the body. It can be a simple but is definite and powerful technique.