I originally found Manitou Wellness because my husband deals with an old broken neck/back injury that has been almost constant pain for 6 years. Over a couple of sessions with Xanthe I recognized that my husband was getting better. After a couple of months, he was 95% better than he had been over the last 6 years. Now, he lives a functioning life. Prior to his accident, my husband was very active outdoors – motorcycles (dirt bikes), water sports, ATVs, remodeling our home, etc. Everything stopped for him. He could not work in the yard for more than 2 hours without being in pain for weeks. After therapy with Xanthe, he is now able to work in the yard for 5+ hours. He can do more activities like running and riding a bike. He will continue to see Xanthe for tune ups or whatever else he might need. She is truly amazing!

I was in a car accident April 2013. I came in to see Xanthe because I was in so much pain in my lower back. I have a computer job, and I sit all day long and this was a huge problem for me. Xanthe made me feel comfortable with her knowledge, experience and gentle care. She was honest when she needed help from another therapist in the office (her mom). She was always dead right about where I was hurting and she knew how to take care of me. I was running prior to my accident and I could not jog, walk fast, or skip without being in pain. After 5 months of therapy, I am back to running and exercising. Xanthe didn’t just help my body get back to normal, she educated me on my body and what was going on. She is awesome and I will continue to see her once a month for maintenance. Words from my nine year old son on the day that we went for our first run 5 months later “Mom, I’m so glad that we found Xanthe.” Give her a chance, she is awesome!

She brought something back into our lives, hope. I truly believed that my husband and I are going to be in pain as we get older – I don’t believe that anymore. Xanthe changed both of us. We are smarter and more aware about our bodies.