Every time I have surgery, the most helpful post surgery recovery work is done by Georgi Gochis. The combination of Cranial therapy and lymph drainage works wonders. Following significant oral surgery, repeated sessions with Georgi alleviated a wide array of problems. Although I have had Cranial Sacral Work done by others, it does not compare with the advanced and effective treatment with Georgi.

She also teaches self care exercises, which I value. I particularly appreciate Georgi’s preliminary consultations prior to each treatment. She asks pertinent questions and invites discussion about specifics of my situation. During the treatments, she lets me know what she is finding and targeting in her work. It is a helpful and dynamic partnership between patient and provider. I also appreciate the partnership between Georgi and my other healthcare providers. My physical therapist, chiropractor, and primary care physician value her work as much as I do.

Good communication is exchanged between all the team partners. My overwhelmingly positive experience with Georgi lead me to recommend her to everyone I meet…both lay persons and healthcare providers. I can’t imagine keeping healthy without her as a teammate.