“My son was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. He undergoes rigorous treatments and has ever since his diagnosis. The beginning of this journey was quite terrifying, but we put full faith in the oncologists and trusted they would do everything they could for our son. As we had hoped, the angels of the western medicine world were able to get the cancer under control. I was elated to learn the treatment was so effective! Within two months, however, I started to see the toll it was beginning to take on my son’s body and mind. With such onslaught of toxic chemo, he started to suffer from constant pain and nausea. A barrage of countless side effects were now standard life. I started to notice how my son wasn’t so much like my son anymore. He didn’t talk much anymore, he didn’t even want to play much either. I believe my son’s spirit was being suffocated. Even with control over the cancer, he still seemed to be losing the battle. My heart was breaking, watching my son suffer like this. I decided that it was time to seek help, help even the doctors couldn’t offer. Help for his spirit.

I called Georgi, I told her the situation and she suggested starting cranial sacral therapy with him. After just a few sessions he started relaxing, which is a huge deal considering his severe anxiety towards anyone that wants to help him now. You could tell when he started to let his body cooperate, it was quite impressive. His color in his cheeks started returning, his energy was up, he again wanted to do the things he liked to do before his diagnosis. When my son went through the fiercest part of his treatment recently, the doctors were even blown away with how well he took it since my son has shown a certain level of sensitivity to certain types of chemo. Most days are great now, most of the time you wouldn’t be able to tell he has cancer. We do still have our rough days though and some side effects that linger. Georgi has helped us with these too. She’s so generous with her time and knowledge. Georgi has given us simple solutions to problems that have helped us avoid unnecessary medications, problems that range from nerve pain to a sore bottom. One of the chemos he gets causes severe nerve pain, but after a few sessions with Georgi, he hardly complains about these pains. The way she gives me things to do at home to help him is really fantastic too, it makes you feel not so helpless anymore. It’s really incredible how she works and the things she knows and is willing to share.

Before starting cranial sacral therapy with Georgi, we were always in the ED or on the phone with the doctor. The first part of his chemotherapy was really rough, but then we changed one thing: we started going to Georgi for cranial sacral therapy and it has made a world of difference. Georgi is so caring and ever so compassionate. I really don’t have words for how grateful I am for what she has done for our family. I still recall watching my son in a hospital bed, he was a mere shell of what he once was. But now…he’s full of life again. Georgi has opened his energy flow again and given him the opportunity to be a kid again. She has given us the gift of hope, hope for a future for our little boy when things looked ever so bleak.”