Entering the door of Manitou Wellness Center, I placed myself in the turnstile of transformation. I was making a final attempt to relieve my suffering. Intuitively I knew I was at a choice point and nothing short of sea change would suffice.

I began working with Georgi, tapping into an entirely new level of consciousness by way of body sensation. My mind knew my struggles inside and out, and my emotions were barely contained under a fragile surface. Somewhere along the way I had left my body behind even as it throbbed with inflammation trying to get my attention. Georgi’s fierce compassion and unparalleled skill facilitated an immediate awareness of my disembodiment. Through powerful somatic release, I began building a new foundation, a base of empowerment, and not a minute too soon.

Two months into my process at MWC, I had a heart attack accompanied by an acute onset of double pneumonia which led to a medically induced coma and life support. For five days my life hung in balance. Prior to the work with Georgi, I would not have called for help when the event occurred, nor would I have chosen to turn towards the Love that offered to fill me up and bring me back.

I am permanently changed by my experience, and I need gentle support and high level guidance to fully integrate my new perspective. My body needs help to release the toxins and trauma of medical intervention. I am receiving all of this and more with the team at MWC. I feel like I was grabbed up by a tidal wave, whooshed around and spit up on the shore of a new life where I am free to be all that I can be. I’m a newborn and I am being treated as such by the loving souls at MWC.

Thank you Georgi, Xanthe and Emily for being authentic agents of love and healing