My daughter Amelia is 7 and last week her and her little brother (5) had a therapy session with Georgi. Today on the way to school she told me the following ‘Mom, I’m so glad that I can breath deep again. When I was little and my tubes where clean I could hear and my chest was open and I could breath really good and run fast for a long time but when I got older they got all clogged up and I couldn’t take a deep breath. I feel so much better and my chest feels bigger.’

I have seen a marked difference in both of their behaviors and attitudes since last week. They are both listening better, so full of love I don’t think I have ever gotten so many hugs and I love you Mommy’s, and yes, running even faster. Especially my son Noah. It seems like everyday they are a bit more relaxed and sure of themselves. They thank you and most of all I thank you for this wonderful gift of health for them. I feels so blessed to have found your office. I cannot help but feel this path to healing for all of us, my deep need for education to learn these tools and your upcoming classes is a sign I am on the right path in this crazy thing called life! Love and light to you both!