“My son was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. He undergoes rigorous treatments and has ever since his diagnosis. The beginning of this journey was quite terrifying, but we put full faith in the oncologists and trusted they would do everything they could for our son. As we had hoped, the angels of the western medicine world were able to get the cancer under control. I was elated to learn the treatment was so effective! Within two months, however, I started to see the toll it was beginning to take on my son’s body and mind. With such onslaught of toxic chemo, he started to suffer from constant pain and nausea. A barrage of countless side effects were now standard life. I started to notice how my son wasn’t so much like my son anymore. He didn’t talk much anymore, he didn’t even want to play much either. I believe my son’s spirit was being suffocated. Even with control over the cancer, he still seemed to be losing the battle. My heart was breaking, watching my son suffer like this. I decided that it was time to seek help, help even the doctors couldn’t offer. Help for his spirit.

I called Georgi, I told her the situation and she suggested starting cranial sacral therapy with him. After just a few sessions he started relaxing, which is a huge deal considering his severe anxiety towards anyone that wants to help him now. You could tell when he started to let his body cooperate, it was quite impressive. His color in his cheeks started returning, his energy was up, he again wanted to do the things he liked to do before his diagnosis. When my son went through the fiercest part of his treatment recently, the doctors were even blown away with how well he took it since my son has shown a certain level of sensitivity to certain types of chemo. Most days are great now, most of the time you wouldn’t be able to tell he has cancer. We do still have our rough days though and some side effects that linger. Georgi has helped us with these too. She’s so generous with her time and knowledge. Georgi has given us simple solutions to problems that have helped us avoid unnecessary medications, problems that range from nerve pain to a sore bottom. One of the chemos he gets causes severe nerve pain, but after a few sessions with Georgi, he hardly complains about these pains. The way she gives me things to do at home to help him is really fantastic too, it makes you feel not so helpless anymore. It’s really incredible how she works and the things she knows and is willing to share.

Before starting cranial sacral therapy with Georgi, we were always in the ED or on the phone with the doctor. The first part of his chemotherapy was really rough, but then we changed one thing: we started going to Georgi for cranial sacral therapy and it has made a world of difference. Georgi is so caring and ever so compassionate. I really don’t have words for how grateful I am for what she has done for our family. I still recall watching my son in a hospital bed, he was a mere shell of what he once was. But now…he’s full of life again. Georgi has opened his energy flow again and given him the opportunity to be a kid again. She has given us the gift of hope, hope for a future for our little boy when things looked ever so bleak.”


“Alyssa has a very high energy in such a smooth nurturing type of way! Her hands on reiki is powerful and transformative, she also uses stones among other intuitive tools. She is informative of what is going on in the meridian systems. She is a healer in all different forms and is passionate about all of them in unique ways. I trust her and recommend her teachings/healings to anyone. Even littles depending on what they are in need of.”


“Alyssa supported me after my son Graham 5 years ago. I was going through a dark place full of anxiety and felt vulnerable letting people help. She did a belly wrap for me because I was in pain, gave me a crystal, held space for my tears and transition and showed me how to use Instagram. She is a mom. She is a badass. I am forever grateful to be a friend. She embodies all qualities of healing energy.”


My go-to expert for any and all things movement.


Within an hour I was feeling so much better and could walk straight again!


Chris not only worked with me to stop the pain, but trained me on how to run in such a way that the pain never started.


Chris’ respectful presence coupled with his extensive knowledge of how the body was designed to move excites and inspires hope within me.


Entering the door of Manitou Wellness Center, I placed myself in the turnstile of transformation. I was making a final attempt to relieve my suffering. Intuitively I knew I was at a choice point and nothing short of sea change would suffice.

I began working with Georgi, tapping into an entirely new level of consciousness by way of body sensation. My mind knew my struggles inside and out, and my emotions were barely contained under a fragile surface. Somewhere along the way I had left my body behind even as it throbbed with inflammation trying to get my attention. Georgi’s fierce compassion and unparalleled skill facilitated an immediate awareness of my disembodiment. Through powerful somatic release, I began building a new foundation, a base of empowerment, and not a minute too soon.

Two months into my process at MWC, I had a heart attack accompanied by an acute onset of double pneumonia which led to a medically induced coma and life support. For five days my life hung in balance. Prior to the work with Georgi, I would not have called for help when the event occurred, nor would I have chosen to turn towards the Love that offered to fill me up and bring me back.

I am permanently changed by my experience, and I need gentle support and high level guidance to fully integrate my new perspective. My body needs help to release the toxins and trauma of medical intervention. I am receiving all of this and more with the team at MWC. I feel like I was grabbed up by a tidal wave, whooshed around and spit up on the shore of a new life where I am free to be all that I can be. I’m a newborn and I am being treated as such by the loving souls at MWC.

Thank you Georgi, Xanthe and Emily for being authentic agents of love and healing


I originally found Manitou Wellness because my husband deals with an old broken neck/back injury that has been almost constant pain for 6 years. Over a couple of sessions with Xanthe I recognized that my husband was getting better. After a couple of months, he was 95% better than he had been over the last 6 years. Now, he lives a functioning life. Prior to his accident, my husband was very active outdoors – motorcycles (dirt bikes), water sports, ATVs, remodeling our home, etc. Everything stopped for him. He could not work in the yard for more than 2 hours without being in pain for weeks. After therapy with Xanthe, he is now able to work in the yard for 5+ hours. He can do more activities like running and riding a bike. He will continue to see Xanthe for tune ups or whatever else he might need. She is truly amazing!

I was in a car accident April 2013. I came in to see Xanthe because I was in so much pain in my lower back. I have a computer job, and I sit all day long and this was a huge problem for me. Xanthe made me feel comfortable with her knowledge, experience and gentle care. She was honest when she needed help from another therapist in the office (her mom). She was always dead right about where I was hurting and she knew how to take care of me. I was running prior to my accident and I could not jog, walk fast, or skip without being in pain. After 5 months of therapy, I am back to running and exercising. Xanthe didn’t just help my body get back to normal, she educated me on my body and what was going on. She is awesome and I will continue to see her once a month for maintenance. Words from my nine year old son on the day that we went for our first run 5 months later “Mom, I’m so glad that we found Xanthe.” Give her a chance, she is awesome!

She brought something back into our lives, hope. I truly believed that my husband and I are going to be in pain as we get older – I don’t believe that anymore. Xanthe changed both of us. We are smarter and more aware about our bodies.


My daughter Amelia is 7 and last week her and her little brother (5) had a therapy session with Georgi. Today on the way to school she told me the following ‘Mom, I’m so glad that I can breath deep again. When I was little and my tubes where clean I could hear and my chest was open and I could breath really good and run fast for a long time but when I got older they got all clogged up and I couldn’t take a deep breath. I feel so much better and my chest feels bigger.’

I have seen a marked difference in both of their behaviors and attitudes since last week. They are both listening better, so full of love I don’t think I have ever gotten so many hugs and I love you Mommy’s, and yes, running even faster. Especially my son Noah. It seems like everyday they are a bit more relaxed and sure of themselves. They thank you and most of all I thank you for this wonderful gift of health for them. I feels so blessed to have found your office. I cannot help but feel this path to healing for all of us, my deep need for education to learn these tools and your upcoming classes is a sign I am on the right path in this crazy thing called life! Love and light to you both!